Why Moderation is Important

When a person has spent the majority of their life making poor choices when it comes to food, it is nearly impossible to break those ingrained habits over night. You can try to stop yourself eating the foods you are craving and only eat clean foods, but in doing so you will likely end up obsessing over those less healthy foods.

Obsessions lead to binge eating, where after wanting something for so long we lose our self control and go mad: we eat too much. A better way of handling food cravings is to learn moderation. Portion control is an important part of this

We made moderation the cornerstone of our dieting and weight loss plan. The principle is simple: don’t deny yourself the foods that you crave. Instead you eat only a small portion, just enough to satisfy the craving and no more. Then you move on, distracting yourself if needed.

In order to help us do this we buy mini or snack sized chocolate bars and other snacks, and we measure everything that we eat using a digital kitchen scale that is accurate to 2g. This allows us to portion our food appropriately, limiting the items that are higher in calories and filling up on the vegetables instead. It allows us to fill up and feel satisfied and enjoy foods that other diets may ban while still seeing the scale move in the right direction.

It also means that on days like today, which are too hectic to spend over the stove, we have easier options for feeding the family. Pizza in itself isn’t all that unhealthy, being simply bread with a tomato sauce, vegetables and cheese. However when you choose a thick crust pizza with sausages and BBQ meats and a four cheese topping you rapidly see the calories adding up.

Choosing a thin base pizza with healthy toppings, and pairing it with a mountain of (low calorie) vegetables gives a no effort dinner that doesn’t go over your calorie allowance. Even take away foods can have their place in a balanced diet when you make sensible choices.

This doesn’t mean ordering a salad at the drive through, but ordering a normal burger and medium fries instead of the special with large fries and a side of mozzarella sticks. Better yet, a Subway sandwich can come in at under 650 calories for a foot long sandwich, making for a very satisfying take away meal that can fit into most calorie budgets.

Like breaking old habits, learning moderation isn’t going to happen over night, but knowing that no foods are taboo can make reducing your calorie intake far easier to cope with.

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