One Chicken, Three Meals

When it comes to many foods, buying in bulk makes the portion prices cheaper. That often goes for buying chicken too, with larger joints costing less per kilo than smaller joints do. So it makes sense where this is true to buy the biggest whole chicken that you can afford, within the limits of being able to cook it.

The leftovers after the initial dinner are easy to store as they can be refrigerated for up to two days, or can be frozen. Using them up is easy too, as they can be added to many meals, with popular choices including curry and pasta dishes. As the meat is already cooked it can make for a quick and easy dinner.

Where there isn’t quite enough for a full meal, it can be used for sandwiches, or frozen until the next roast and used up along with the new leftovers. Alternatively, you can stretch the leftovers by adding lentils, eggs, beans or cheese, any of which provide high quality, tasty protein.

A whole chicken is, for meat lovers at least, a great way to feed a family while watching your budget.

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