Batch Making Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs are a fantastic food. Highly nutritious, cheap, and a great source of high quality protein. It makes them absolutely the perfect choice for a person or a family on a budget, and well worth exploring more as a choice for any meal of the day, including your main meal.

They are also a great snack. A hard boiled egg is a quick snack, easy to eat and easy to transport since the shell helps to protect them. But more important is the fact that they are (as has already been said!) so cheap and nutritious, and given that they have so much protein, will help to keep you satisfied for a good amount of time.

But it would be a pain if they had to be cooked every time you wanted to use them. Thankfully they can be stored for a long time once cooked, so are the perfect item to be cooked in batches and kept in the fridge. Doing this not only saves you time, but saves you money too as you can cook a large number of eggs together, saving your energy bill.

Hard boiled eggs need to be boiled for ten minutes (though it won’t hurt them to go a little longer), and then be rinsed in cold water. If you don’t cool them quickly after cooking, the yolk will develop a green layer on the outside. It’s perfectly safe, won’t make them taste any different, but some people don’t like the way that it looks. Personally, I don’t care.

Once cooked and cooled, hard boiled eggs need to be stored in the fridge. In the shell, a hard boiled egg will last for 7 days. If you shell the cooked eggs, they are safe for 5 days but you may find that they dry out a little, so you will want to store them in an air tight container.

To use your pre-cooked eggs, simply shell and eat. You can slice them onto toast or a sandwich, eat them as they are, slice into noodles or rice, and you have the choice to eat them cold or to warm them in the microwave first. Of course, this adds to your energy bill, so we don’t do it!

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