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Dinner Mama’s New Challenge

With the budget challenge out of the way, I’ve come to the realisation that I need to start a new, and more personal challenge. I’m somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to food, and with Christmas coming, I need some cupboard and freezer space.

I have a large pantry, and I have two freezers. All are full. If I see something on sale and it’s something that we like or use, I have to buy it. Often in bulk. And that means that I currently have far too much of certain items in my possession, and that they are taking up too much space. Space that I need to clear in order to store a turkey, and a duck, and certain other items for our family Christmas.

So my challenge this coming week is to not buy everything that we need, but to instead use up what we have in the freezer, and in the pantry. I’ll be making “make do” dinners instead, to free up that space.

Anyone who reads this-do you also struggle with over buying things, just because they are a bargain? How do you resist the urge?

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Challenge Day 7, Breakfast

Today’s breakfast is technically cheating, since we are using items from our pantry. However, the challenge was all food for under £50, and since the grocery items for the week came to less than £47, there has to be a little wiggle room, right?

Breakfast today was courtesy of not feel well. I’m run down, from the after effects of a lingering cold, and a weekend spent not sleeping well, looking after my little one. Wanting something that would change my mood, I had Nutella on toast. Naughty! My oldest child had the same, and the men folk of the house had Marmite.

My calories were 284 for two slices of Hovis Wholemeal toasted, with 20g of Nutella. The Marmite calories totaled 227, for two slices of Hovis Wholemeal with I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Light and Marmite.

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Challenge Day 6, Lunch

Lunch today was a rushed affair, as we were busy with work in the afternoon. So a quick sandwich of Philadelphia was all that we had time for-202 calories in all. We had a bag of Snackrite Bacon Rashers at 86 calories, and a conference pear at 101 calories. The lunch time total was 389 calories.

Snacks today will include popcorn, a plum, and possibly toast if it is wanted.

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Challenge Day 6, Breakfast

Our budget challenge unfortunately got derailed for a day because the youngest member of the household got sick. Between the huge amount of laundry and clean up, and the fact that he was so clingy and needy, we barely ate. Blogging about eating was just not going to happen. So the day was written off, and here is day 6 instead.

Breakfast was crumpets for the elder child and toast (with I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Light) and scrambled eggs and tea for the adults. The youngest really didn’t eat. Our calories were 337.

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Challenge Day 5, Lunch

Lunch today was rushed and eaten while doing housework. That meant a quick sandwich (fat reduced pate) with bites eaten between washing dishes.

The calories for our sandwich was 253. Snacks today included a banana, popcorn and a hard boiled egg.

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Challenge Day 5, Breakfast

Breakfasts have been somewhat lacking in imagination this week, as the budget restrictions have left less options than normal for being creative. Add into that being busy and ill, we’ve repeated far too often. Which is all in an effort to explain why we again had Frosted Flakes and skimmed milk with tea, and the kids today had crumpets and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Light. Our calories again were 165 for the cereal.

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Challenge Day 4, Breakfast

I’m afraid that we tend to be a bit repetitive when it comes to breakfast, so today saw us having egg and toast again. Today it was scrambled, with Hovis Wholemeal toasted, and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Light, with a cup of tea, at 337 calories.

The good news is that it’s Friday! The weekend is almost here!

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Challenge Day 3, Lunch

Today, the little member of the Dinner Mama family is still on an “eggy weggy woo” kick. So lunch today is scrambled egg on toast. I use water in my scrambled eggs because it makes a lighter egg, but also because milk can interfere with iron uptake. Since eggs are an important source of iron for us, I like to make sure that we benefit as best we can.

I cook the eggs in the microwave for speed and convenience, making this a quick and easy lunch that takes just about as long as the bread takes to toast.

One egg and two Hovis Wholemeal with I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Light costs us 270 calories from our calorie budget.

Our snacks this morning were a banana and a plum at around 25 calories, and a medium banana at 105 calories, making our day total so far, 565 calories.

This afternoon we will have some toffee popcorn and a packet of Aldi’s Snackrite crisps as a snack-approximately another 190 calories.

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Photo Challenge!

I’m fully aware of the fact that the photos on this blog, well they aren’t so great. The food itself looks delicious, and yet when I take the photos of it, it all looks yellow. I can assure you that it does not look like that in person!

So my first real challenge with regards to improving this blog, is to improve the photos that I take. If anyone who reads this has any suggestions then they would be greatly appreciated. I have a Galaxy S3 which is my preferred method of taking them (as it cuts out the need to download them) but I also have a proper, Canon sx20 that I will use if I cannot figure a way to improve the white balance and lighting on my phone camera.

Watch this space for improvements coming!

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