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Spooky, Healthy Halloween Treats For Every Meal!

Halloween doesn’t need to lack that special spooky factor for you and your family just because you are following a more healthy lifestyle. There are spooky, healthy foods that you can still eat, along with not so healthy but still calorie controlled foods that you can have alongside them.

In fact there are foods that you can serve for every meal of the day with these healthier recipes.


Ghostly Toast Breakfast

Even breakfast can have a spooky twist with these Ghostly cream cheese toasts. Easy and quick to make, they are sure to be a hit with tiny diners.

  • Enough bread to satisfy your diners.
  • A ghost cookie cutter.
  • Philadelphia light or another light cream cheese.

Use the cookie cutter to cut ghost shapes from the bread. Toast the ghost shapes, then spread with the cream cheese. Add tiny dots of marmite, chocolate spread, or small raisins or other dried fruit to make eyes and a mouth. Save the off cuts from the bread for making a savoury bread pudding to cut down on waste.

The calories for this will unfortunately vary depending on how big your cutter is, and so it’s not possible to give an exact count. However if should be possible to weigh the bread, and then the cream cheese in order to give you a good idea.


Spooky Sandwiches

Lunch too can have a Halloween twist. Prepared in the same way as your ghostly toast, make your sandwiches tomorrow out of ghost shaped bread. Serve with ham or another meat, peanut butter, or cream cheese like your toast.

Again, calories will need to be worked out depending on fillings and cutter size.


Ghost Pops 

Give your kids these ghost pops for a spooky Halloween, afternoon treat.

  • Two bananas.
  • Four lolly sticks.
  • One large pot of fat free Greek yogurt with honey, well stirred.

Peel bananas and make sure they’re clean of stringy bits. Cut in half and push a stick into the cut end. Freeze bananas.

Once frozen, dip the Halloween banana treats in the yoghurt so they are well coated. Freeze again standing up. You’ll need to push the sticks into something that will keep them upright. My suggestion is a large lump of Plasticine, stuck to a tray. The kids can then play with it later.

When the yoghurt has frozen, add dots of chocolate spread to make eyes and a mouth. Tasty and spooky, and yet low in calories! If you aren’t bothered about the calories, you can make this Halloween treat with white chocolate instead!


Ogre’s Fingers in Blood, Serves 4

These ogres fingers make a satisfying and spooky dinner, especially when combined with a spooky story about how you chopped them off the ogre by shutting his hand in your front door.

You can use normal, jumbo sausages, or can substitute with hot dog sausages. These are often lower in calorie than the equivalent sized normal sausage, but are less healthy in other ways (such as the additives and salt in them). However for a one off treat, the higher additive content isn’t likely to be too big a problem.

  • 4 jumbo or hot dog sausages.
  • 1 pack of streaky bacon.
  • 2 cans of tomato soup.
  • 4 finger rolls.
  • Black or green olives.
  • Tomato puree.
  • 6g finely grated light cheddar.
  • 400g (peeled weight) carrots.
  • 300g chopped broccoli.

Wrap the bacon around the sausages, fatter in two places (about a third and two thirds along). giving the appearance of knuckles. Place in the middle of a preheated oven until thoroughly cooked (if a raw sausage) or till the bacon is cooked and the sausage is hot (if a hot dog sausage). Heat the soup through and place in a bowl that is smaller than the sausages are long (so that they will stick out).

Place a blob of tomato puree on the one end of the sausage, and use it to stick half an olive to it to look like a finger nail. Serve on the table in the bowl of soup ‘blood’, putting into the split finger rolls when ready to eat. Serve the soup in a bowl, of course!


The veggies for the dinner are steamed in the normal way for 30-45 minutes depending on preference. Once cooked, sprinkle with a little grated cheese and tomato soup on top.  Again, spin a Halloween dinner tale of how the veggies were a little mouldy when you got them out today, but you didn’t have anything else for dinner so you thought it wouldn’t mind. You couldn’t help that the ogre’s fingers bled on them, you just didn’t realise that they were still dripping! Halloween dinner will never be the same again!

A serving of a bowl of soup, and ogre’s finger in a roll with veggies is 670 calories and cost £1.26 per serving.



Orange Pumpkin Fruit Salad Cups 

  • Four large oranges
  • One large container of fresh fruit salad

I’m using a prepared fruit salad for convenience here, but you can probably do it cheaper by making your own fruit salad with a couple of apples, bananas and the innards of the oranges. There is nothing at all unhealthy about this Halloween fruit salad, the treat is in the presentation.

Cut the top off each orange, and use a sharp knife to help to cut away the flesh from the skin. Remove it with a spoon and chop it up. Carve your best pumpkin face into the front of it and fill with a little fruit salad. Top with the ‘lid’ of the orange and serve with a spoon.

The Halloween fruit salad is around 40 calories, and cost 93p per serving.


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Halloween Treats

When you’re watching your weight, this time of year can be difficult. Anyone who has children in the house is likely to have more sweets than usual around, and that can mean an increase in the temptation to eat things you normally wouldn’t. How is best to handle it?

Moderation is the best option, as with anything else. To deny yourself a treat is to risk bingeing, and also to miss out on the fun. But by saving the treats for just Halloween itself, instead of say, the week leading up to Halloween, you cut down on the damage that could be done.

One day over your calorie allowance isn’t going to hurt you too much, as you won’t be able to overeat enough to regain much weight. What you do see as an increase on the scales is likely to be water weight-and it should be gone again with a few days more of healthy eating.

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