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How’s that for a creative title? I can’t help but follow the normal format for most of the blogs that I’ve read, and so this page serves as a little introduction.

I’m a 35 year old wife and mum of two beautiful children, and I’ve recently lost 80lbs. My husband has also lost 42lb to date. Starting at 15st 12.5lb I was clearly obese, and needed to make some changes in my life. We lost the weight by eating the kind of food that I intend to blog about. We chose calorie counting to manage our diet.

The meals that we eat are relatively healthy, hopefully interesting enough to keep a family happy, but are also realistic. We all enjoy our junk food from time to time and are confirmed chocoholics, but we managed to lose our weight whilst still enjoying the foods that we love.

We’ve also managed to do this while obeying my budget, which like many British families today, is often not as big as I’d like. The vast majority of the meals I prepare are reasonably low cost, proving that healthy eating can be low cost, satisfying and interesting too. That is the main aim of this blog: to show that it is possible to eat enjoyable (normal!) foods on a budget, while still managing weight loss. And it’s all done whilst still being able to eat meat.

Finally I have an important disclaimer to make. There are wealth of blogs already online that deal with healthy eating, but many of them are American. This leaves the reader needing to convert from American to British measurements, or to find equivalent brands to the American ones used.

This is a blog written by a British mum, using British units and brands that are common over here (and most often that won’t break the bank) and that focuses on adapting meals to meet your calorie needs. The meals are intended to suit two adults and two children, but can need scaled up or down as needed.

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